So where to begin?…

My name is Magz. I currently live in Limerick, Ireland where I work as a midwife.


This is all so new to me (So bear with me guys) but giving this a go because life is short and why not?

2017 has been bittersweet for me. It’s been a year where I’ve hit rock bottom mentally but the silver lining to that story is that things can only go up. I’ve learnt A LOT about myself these last few months and have worked damn hard at being more positive and happy with my lot.

I feel a lot of people can probably relate and so I want to share a little of what I know now with anyone who cares enough to read my ramblings.

Don’t worry though, if it sounds like this page is going to be all “poor me” and doom and gloom, You’ve got me all wrong. Positive vibes all the way with a nice bit of beauty and fashion thrown in because when you look good, you feel good (or at least thats how I feel anyway).

Basically…..Embrace self love and care, whatever that means for you. I want this to be a journey we all take together and any suggestions on what content you’d like to see would be greatly appreciated. Also check out my instagram @magz_musings

Here goes nothing……

Magz x