International Women’s Day: Celebrate the Women in Your Life

Ah that time of the year where we take pause to acknowledge one point: us women are fierce 💪

This year marked the 100th anniversary of womens right to vote and it can’t be argued that we’ve come on leaps and bounds since then. However, with recent statements from various Hollywood actresses, and with gender pay gaps still astonishingly wide, the need to #PressforProgress is as strong as ever.

Today isn’t all about politics though. Today is about us girls, for all that we do and all that can go unnoticed. This is about us celebrating each other and celebrating what it means to be female.

There’s a few events happening around Dublin in honour of International Women’s Day for anyone interested. Check them out here:


So let your your mam, your sister, your friends, any woman who has made a positive impact on your life, how much you appreciate them. I know I, for one, plan to go see a show with my sister and I cannot wait. This is our day, stand strong and be kind.


Magz x

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