Show your makeup brushes some love

Cleaning our makeup brushes….whether it’s something you love or hate to do, it’s just something you really shouldn’t avoid. We can spend all our hard-earned cash on as many skincare products as we like but even the best can prove redundant if we go ahead and constantly smear dirty brushes all over our face *shudder*.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly (approx. once a week or 2-3 times a week if prone to acne) will result in a world of benefits to your skin and your pocket.

Reduces and prevents acne

Whenever you apply makeup using your brushes, all the dead skin cells, oil, dirt etc. on the surface of the skin are collected. Each time you reuse that brush, without washing it, you rub all the dirt back over your face, clogging pores and leading to breakouts.

Longer lasting brushes

Let’s face it, makeup brushes ain’t cheap and after investing in them, you want bang for your buck. By cleaning your brushes regularly, you’re preserving them, meaning they’ll last longer.

Maintain soft brushes

The softer the brush, the less irritation caused to the skin. As brushes become caked with makeup, the hairs become more stiff making the brush more abrasive.

Easier application

Dirty makeup brushes can also make things more difficult in applying colour precisely. With old makeup caked on your brush, it can be harder to achieve your desired look.

There are many products available to clean makeup brushes. Alternatively, baby shampoo works wonders. I personally use the Real Techniques ‘Brush Cleansing Gel’. (I get mine in McCabes Pharmacy – €7.99)

1. Dampen the bristles in luke-warm water. Be careful to just wet the brush head as you don’t want to loosen the bristles by weakening the glue around the base.

2. Squeeze a small drop of gel directly onto the bristles. It is better to start small and add more as needed.

3. For this step you can either:

•Rub the bristles in between your fingers and rinse until the water runs clean or

•Rub the bristles against a cleaning mat, like the one in the top picture. I got mine in Penneys for €3.

4. Reshape and dry flat. Let your brushes air-dry naturally.

And Voila! Good as new.

And for those times in between washes when you just want to get rid of old product, I find the Penneys spray below super handy 😊

Magz x

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