Dear Diary…My Experience of Journaling

Basically this whole site is a bit of a journal only difference being I don’t feel violated when you read my rants. I recently took up journaling, again. It’s something I’ve toyed with for years and this time it seems to have sticked (after a fair attempt to make it a habit). I think when I’m in the pits of my anxiety/depression, I’m ‘personal enemy no.1’. People would offer me great advice and in my head I’d just be like ‘meh’, like the effort of trying to do anything to help myself just isn’t worth it. It ain’t gonna work anyway, right? WRONG

In my experience, once you firmly land on that 1st stepping stone to tackling your mental health full on, all the other tools you have at your disposal seem less daunting. Things you never thought you’d try before suddenly become ‘worth a shot’. Not everything works, more things don’t, but when you find what does you’ve struck gold. So while this blog is basically my online journal, and it’s inspired me to ramble on a bit more, I’ve started keeping my own personal, almost illegible (and definitely saucier!) journal. Here, my thoughts, feelings and reflections spill out onto the page in this lovely warm, therapeutic counselling session.

I feel, a journal allows you to vent, it offers perspective and really helps you to understand triggers and patterns in behaviour. It allows me to reflect on, more importantly, what went well in my day. I feel it’s extremely important to acknowledge these things, so matter how small, and give yourself credit. It’s also nice, now and again, to just write down what you’re grateful for as it gives you that boost that’s sometimes very necessary. Some people even keep a sole gratitude journal. Not particularly for me, mind, but a great practice to get into if you can.

I also like that its kind of like a little autobiography in progress. What may seem irrelevant today may have more significance in hindsight. Looking back over your journal entries later on can show you how far you’ve come or teach you what you may need to work on. It also is a great tool for focusing and mapping your personal goals, whatever they may be.

It takes effort, initially, but I now look forward to taking a few minutes each evening to look back on my day and spill all over those sheets. It clears the mind for the next day and helps me to just put the bad days behind me and move on.

Does anyone else keep a journal? Would you agree?

Magz x

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