Review: P.S My Perfect Colour

I have always been a Penneys girl, I mean my wardrobe would have a lot more space if it wasn’t for them. We’ve all been there, go in for socks and about an hour later emerge with 2 big brown bags hanging off your arms. No shame in it. Although I sing their praises on the regular, I was admittedly sceptical when they first started venturing towards makeup. I mean, I’m either a bit of a makeup snob (very possible) or yano, a firm believer in sometimes you have to pay for quality.

So when I finally got over myself, I started off using their eyeshadow palettes (‘Gold Rush’ is my fave btw) and highlighters, starting small, and I must say, I was impressed. This led to the natural progression of taking the plunge into their foundation range.

‘My Perfect Colour’ concealer and foundations have been my new friend for daytime makeup. The ‘Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation’ appears to be a dupe for Estée Lauders ‘Doublewear’ (this will forever be my go-to) so when I saw it, I had to give It a go. I’m pretty sure its supposed to be geared towards night’s out on the town but I wouldn’t have faith in my face not looking completely patchy after some time on the dance floor. It blends evenly and looks well on the skin but just doesn’t have the staying power. Let’s keep in mind, though, at €6 (a good €30 cheaper than its Estée Lauder counterpart) you couldn’t ask for much more. All in all, I’d still give it a generous 7/10 and will most definitely be purchasing again. May even try some more of their products.

Ok so I must admit, I love the liquid concealer (€3). I’ve been using this longer and it’s become a regular part of my makeup routine, day and night. Dark circles are almost erased with this and that keeps me smiling. It’s lightweight on the skin and doesn’t cake around the eyes. Happy days!

So to give my verdict, when price meets quality, I think Penneys have met a happy medium…

Penneys anyone?

Magz x

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