My Top Tips For Self Care

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”

Ok so I know the internet is saturated with lists like this but these tips are genuinely things that work for me. When I feel overwhelmed, I check in on myself and make sure I’m following my own advice. Always take care to look after yourself. You’re own happiness and wellbeing rubs off on others. Stop thinking putting yourself first is selfish, because (unless you’re constantly doing it regardless of others feelings whatsoever) it’s really quite the opposite. Putting yourself first allows you to carry yourself more positively which, in turn, has a positive effect on the people around you and your relationships with them. I promise you I’m telling the truth 😉

1. Take time for yourself

We are often so busy with hectic lives trying to achieve goals and make time for others that we forget to make time for ourselves. Make a new goal to look after yourself. Take a few minutes out of each day to be with yourself. To enjoy your own company and to clear the head. I promise you won’t regret it. This can be anything you want it to be like meditating, reading a book, taking a bath or doing your makeup. Find what helps you relax and do it, just do it.

2. Find a hobby

If you suffer from anxiety, the mere mention of this can make you want to crawl into a hole (been there, most definitely done that). I think sometimes when we hear the word ‘hobby’ we think it involves joining a group or team of some sort and the thoughts can be daunting. While I would say putting yourself out there, getting to know people who share your interests, is probably one of the most invaluable self care strategies imaginable, I can’t say I find this easy, even now. There are, however, many things you can do to keep your mind focused. Personally, I’ve taken up baking, reading and going to the gym. I’ve always enjoyed walking and nothing clears my head more than taking off on a nice day. Find what works for you and please don’t be afraid of others not sharing that interest.

3. Eat well

Ok so I’ll thread with caution here. I’m not going to argue with a wealth of research on how eating clean is good for your mind (as well as your body, duh). It is. There’s no arguing it. I will say this, however, try to eat a well, balanced diet 9 times out of 10. Don’t follow a strict, restrictive diet just coz it’s “what you should do”. If you want to, and thats what keeps you focused great, power to you. Allow yourself treats, allow yourself to head to that nice restaurant and eat the greasiest thing on the menu. Allow yourself once it’s in moderation. Don’t let (bad) food be your crutch though because , believe me, that’s all to easy to do.

4. Be true to yourself

If there’s something you want to do, some goal you want to achieve, go for it. Please. This is one I particularly struggle with myself and every day I work towards getting to a point of complete honesty with myself. The process may be slow but progress is progress nonetheless. Don’t let others judgements inhibit you. Once it makes you happy, and you’re safe, then why the hell not?! Don’t let fear paralyse you.

5. Treat yo’self!

This is my philosophy on life 😂. Not going to say much about this coz it’s what you make of it. But if you really want that pair of shoes or you’ve work hard all week and want a takeaway or a glass of wine then TREAT YO’SELF!!

6. Take pride in your appearance

Ok so, firstly, let it be said that I am fully aware that not everyone is into makeup etc. BUT if you’re out and about put on your favourite outfit or do something that makes you feel good. Now, don’t get me wrong, you will more often than not catch me looking like I just rolled out of bed, and that’s ok too but if you struggle to get up and do something as small as maybe brushing your hair in the morning, for example, just try. Don’t fight yourself if it’s going to cause you more stress but just try. When you look that bit better, more often than not, you’ll feel that bit better.

7. Don’t isolate yourself

No matter what you may think, there will always be someone in your life who enjoys your company. If people are asking you to hang out, go for it. The love and support of others is invaluable to promoting positive health.

8. Have a plan for when you feel overwhelmed

Ok so after all your effort, sh*ts gone south and you feel like crap. It’s ok, everything will be fine, deep breaths and you have something in your back pocket to work with. This is what I do….

•Light candles

•Run a bath

•Put on a face mask

•Get into bed and read a book

This won’t work for everyone but who knows you better than you? Listen to yourself, do what feels right and just switch off. If you have someone to talk to, grab that with both hands and just talk. People don’t always know that to say and that’s ok too but most people will listen. Remember: THIS TOO SHALL PASS

I hope this is helpful. If you try live by these, you can’t go too far wrong 😊

Magz x

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