2018: Week 1

So I know in a previous post I said I don’t make new years resolutions, I stand by that. But what’s January if it’s not motivation for a healthkick? I’m proud of how far I’d come in 2017 in relation to eating well(ish) and exercising a couple of times a week. This coming from a previous couch potato queen.

December, being the month that’s in it, and the fact I was (and still am) recovering from a shoulder injury meant that all that progress I’d made had gone to the absolute dogs so the new year meant a clean slate and putting the skates firmly on each foot (which hopefully will remain on a treadmill for the foreseeable future 😂).

Aside from the obvious, trying to get more in shape, I find eating relatively well (I mean I’ll always love my food) and exercising often really does wonders for my mood. I struggle big-time with feeling low and this just helps keep the endorphins ticking. 2018 started with a bang work-wise for me, and honestly, the gym has been my only outlet this week.

If you struggle with feelings of low mood I cannot stress enough how important it is to find something that lifts your spirit and makes you feel good when that nasty beast raises it’s ugly head. I spent far too long relying on others to pick me up but that can only last so long. There will inevitably be times where you find yourself alone with your thoughts and it’s vital to be able to deal with them independently. I’d love to hear what makes you feel good…

Magz x

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